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6.3 Professional Implementation - Web-based Training

This training course is designed to provide students with the essential information needed to effectively implement the solution. ChangeBASE administrators, as well as IT professionals responsible for the installation, configuration, and management of the solution. ...

Duration: 3.75 hours

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MSIStudio cannot create MSI with uplifted applications (205187)

Attempting to use MSIStudio to uplift applications from windows 2003 Server using APP-V. When running the process as per documentation, a registry error appears on the screen. Everntviewer shows error: "Hanging App msistudio.exe 6.3.5807.21084. ...

Is is possible to manually install check updates in Changebase 6.x (209208)

If it is not possible to check for updates through the ChangeBase console, for example due to a proxy server, is there away to manually download any updates outside of the console? Yes, the ChangeBase Checks can be updated manually as follows: ...

Error: Could Not Read License Data when opening ChangeBase (206082)

When opening ChangeBase the following errors may be seen: Error: Could Not Read License Data. or. Could not find license key in ls.xml for db 1. File corruption. Before performing any of the following steps ensure that there ...

Exe repackage fails on x64 machine (128554)

When trying to convert an EXE to an MSI using the inbuilt repackage option. It fails with error "Filter drivers couldn't be loaded". As started in the User guide, x64 Operating Systems are not supported for repackage operations Workaround. ...

Repackaging EXE to MSI error Couldn't find Start Capture command (204979)

While trying to repackage an EXE to MSI using MSI Studio in Changebase facing the issue "Couldn't find Start capture command" Wrong version of MSI Studio selected which causes ChangeBase to look in a different location for the Start command compared to where it is ...

Need to remove Package Source (200856)

How do I remove a Package Source from the Import Tab Workaround. It is not actually possible to remove the Package Source but they can be hidden and do not consume any processor or memory once hidden. 1. Select the Package source and click hide package source. ...

How many packages can be imported into CHANGEBASE Trial license? (176355)

How many packages can be imported into CHANGEBASE Trial license? ChangeBase 30-day evaluation license can import and assess up to 35 packages. You will also be able to fix, repackage, virtualize, and report on, 50% of these packages.

Reverting a VM on VMware Workstation Shared hypervisor using the VMWare Server hypervisor type may fail with the message: “Failed to get AuthManager object” (189777)

While this is technically feasible to connect to VMWare Workstation Shared hypervisor with the VMWare Server hypervisor type, VMWare has not fully implemented all VSphere functionality required for ChangeBASE to launch processes within the guest VM remotely. ...

Dealing with Fragmented Indexes on Large Databases (135255)

When large numbers (2,000+) of packages are imported into ChangeBASE, you may experience a degradation of import speeds and in certain circumstances, an unresponsive user interface. Over the course of time, the indexes ...

Does ChangeBASE for browser Compatibility supports Microsoft Edge ? (186115)

Is Microsoft Edge a supported browser in ChangeBASE for Browser Compatability? ChangeBASE for Browser Compatabilty does not support Microsoft Edge at this moment. It will be supported from the next release which is targeted to release around April or May 2016.

How to subscribe to RSS Feeds/Product Notifications (102751)

How to subscribe to RSS Feeds/Product Notifications to opt into support notifications to receive emails about the latest software patches, version releases, and updates to our Knowledge Base. What Is RSS? (Really Simple Syndication ...

Trying to install webcapture on a client, wizard ends prematurely with an error 1603. (185594)

When trying to install Web Capture, it fails with error 1603. MSI log shows: ExecFirewallExceptions: Entering ExecFirewallExceptions in C:\windows\ Installer\MSI3DAC.tmp, version 3.8.1128.0. ExecFirewallExceptions: Installing ...

Is MSI Studio can be downloaded separately from the Dell Portal? (184213)

How to download MSI Studio Installer? MSI Studio is only supplied as part of ChangeBASE; it cannot be downloaded separately. Once ChangeBASE has been installed onto a machine, the MSI Studio installer (MSIS.Install.msi) can be found in the ChangeBASE install folder at. ...

VReady fails with ThinApp (92298)

When virtualizing an application using VReady for VMWare ThinApp, the process seems to run successfully but no ThinApp package is available in the export folder. This is related to the OPEN FILE SECURITY WARNING of the Windows 7 operating system. ...

Dell™ Software Support Product Release Notification - ChangeBASE 6.3.1 (183843)

We are excited to announce that ChangeBASE 6.3.1 is now ready for download. What's new: Added compatibility checks for App-V 5.0 SP3; Added compatibility checks for App-V 5.1; MSI Studio fixes (resolved problem of some packages not installing); ...

Importing of EXE files through CSV do not assess them (181218)

We have been working with application packages that contain both Executables and MSIs. Through the CSV Import ChangeBASE detects the EXEs and when we attempt to import them, it appears to be imported but not automatically assessed. ...

Exception during Conversion. Failed to get the required Virtual Machine from the Hypervisor (181008)

When trying to convert an app, the conversion process fails with the following error: Exception during conversion. System.Exception: Failed to get the required Virtual Machine from the Hypervisor. This happens when the path to the VM is no longer correct. ...

Page 1. Dell™ ChangeBASE 6.3.1 User Guide Page 2. © 2015 Dell Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright. The software described in this guide is furnished under a software license or nondisclosure agreement. ...

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Created On: 12/1/2015
Last Updated On: 11/10/2015