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ChangeBASE 6.2.3 Prerequisites and Getting Started GuideThis guide contains the information required to setup and configure ChangeBASE.
ChangeBASE 6.2.3 Release NotesThis document contains last minute information, known issues and updates for Dell ChangeBASE.
ChangeBASE 6.2.3 User GuideThe guide contains information required for installing and configuring ChangeBASE.
When creating the database it is giving permission issues.
SQL DBA created database but ChangeBase cannot use it, giving permissions issues. How to prepare database properly and what configuration steps are needed in ChangeBase?
How to properly prepare for the ChangeBase database creation
There's an enterprise-wide SQL server. What are the requirements for ChangeBase account in order to properly create the ChangeBase database?
DaCC may not reflect changes made in ChangeBASE
When updating values in the ChangeBASE Applications screen (e.g. defining Product or Report groups) and DaCC (Dependency and Conflict Checker)  is already open, these new values may not be immediately reflected in the Applications grid in DaCC – they will still display their old values.
Assessment of Web Source Files on ChangeBASE 6.x in folders
Is it possible to assess web source files (html, css, javascript) in version ChangeBASE 6.x, when they're located in the folder? The web capture from folders worked in 5.x but not in 6.x version.
How to subscribe to RSS Feeds/Product Notifications
How to subscribe to RSS Feeds/Product Notifications to opt into support notifications to receive emails about the latest software patches, version releases, and updates to our Knowledge Base.
How to reinstall ChangeBASE fresh on the same machine
Sometimes, attempts to reinstall different versions of the ChangeBASE on the same machine may cause odd issues and errors. How to cleanup all traces of the old installation and reinstall the product?
Running a ChangeBASE Guest VM under Windows 8.1 Hyper-V
Is it possible to use a guest virtual machine running in Hyper-V on a Windows 8.1 computer?
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ChangeBASE 6.2.3
ChangeBASE has continued to push the boundaries of what automation can do to facilitate enterprise application migration and management. As a leading provider of automated application compatibility analysis, remediation and conversion, ChangeBASE is now extending the scope of management to include the greater application management ecosystem through even more extensibility with the complete Change...
ChangeBASE Web Capture Utility 1.0.2
You can install the Web Capture utility on a ChangeBASE client, the ChangeBASE server, or on its own dedicated server. NOTE: If you are going to be installing the utility on its own dedicated server, then it should meet the machine requirements outlined in Minimum Requirements for Server Hosting ChangeBASE Service, although you do not require SQL Server as all data is captured in standard XML form...
Upgrade to 6.2.0 or 6.2.2 may fail when applications have been deleted under certain circumstances.
When upgrading to 6.2.0 or 6.2.2, it is possible to get an upgrade error, indicating a database upgrade failure. When checking the CB.Upgrade.yyyymmdd.hhssmm.txt log in C:\ProgramData\ChangeBASE\Logs, this error appears:“No Package DId found for Check Transaction xxx related to Load Transaction yyy  at CB.Upgrade.Custom._6._2.UpgradeItemsPreUpgrade.AddPackageTypeToCheckExecIns...
Upgrade may fail if upgrading from a version of ChangeBASE before 6.2.0 to a version after 6.2.0.
When upgrading from PRE-6.2.0 to POST-6.2.0, for example from 6.1.1 to 6.2.2 or 6.2.3, it is possible to receive an upgrade error, indicating a database upgrade failure. When checking the CB.Upgrade.yyyymmdd.hhssmm.txt log in C:\ProgramData\ChangeBASE\Logs, this error appears:“Custom Upgrades Exception Failed to update TransactionIds on Packages which have been dragged into other Application...
The ChangeBASE conversion process, when using MSI Studio, may not produce usable MSIs.
When using MSI Studio to convert legacy applications, the end result may be an MSI that contains invalid or corrupted file locations. 
Stuck in database creation, receiving a licensing error.
Can multiple ChangeBase server installation be managed by one management workstation? Database creation on different ChangeBase server prompts a licensing error."Cannot create a repository: You have either entered an incorrect Site Message, or you have attempted to use this license for an invalid ChangeBase Server. Please enter the Site Message exactly as supplied by Dell, and please ensure t...
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Unable to see issues for Custom Checks
After creating a Custom Check and returning to Check Results, the issues for that check may not be displayed.
Repackaged MSIs cannot be built during auto-conversion via ChangeBASE
When attempting to repackage an executable using ChangeBASE with MSI Studio, in some cases the MSI will be built but it will not contain the CAB file containing the files, so it will be less than 1MB and won't be usable.
ChangeBASE won't launch after rename of SQL database
ChangeBASE SQL database was renamed by DBA. Now ChangeBASE won't start.
6.1 Professional Implementation - Web-based Training
The ChangeBASE 6.1 Professional Implementation self-paced, web-based training course is designed to provide students with the essential information needed to effectively implement the solution.
When moving from production LAN to wifi, Changebase VM loses access to HyperV
 The ChangeBase server is hosted as a VM on Win 8.1 HyperV laptop. The repackaging/virtualisation VMs are also hosted on the same laptop. The VMs are all in a test domain. The HyperV laptop is a member of the production domain.Problem:ChangeBase stops being able to repackage/contact HyperV when the laptop is not on the production LAN.
Repackage error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." RevertToSnapshot error
When trying to perform a repackage operation, the task fails with the messageObject reference not set to an instance of an object at CB.ConversionTechnology.NonControllerBasedTechnology.RevertToSnapshot
Repackage error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." VIDirectoryExistsInGuest
When trying to use Convert to repackage an EXE, the task fails withRepackage error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." and CVMA.Hypervisors.VMware.VIServer.vSphere.VirtaulMachine.VIDirectoryExistsInGuest(String path)
Error "Please verify the server address and that the server is running the ChangeBASE service"
When launching the ChangeBase Console, it fails to connect to the ChangeBASE service. Checking the C:\ProgramData\ChangeBASE\Logs\CB.Data.TraceOutput log file shows the following error. "Error: 41 - Cannot open a Shared Memory connection to a remote SQL server"
When repackaging with MSI Studio on a 64-bit VM, MSI Studio fails to start
A problem has been identified that can occur when ChangeBASE version 6.1 attempts to repackage an application using MSI Studio on a 64-bit virtual machine.Version affected:ChangeBASE version 6.1 + MSI Studio repackaging on a 64-bit build
Can you disconnect a database from ChangeBASE v6.0.5
How do you disconnect from a database? or how to remove a database from the list of connected databases in ChangeBASE 6.0.5?
The information below represents the most common issues customers are encountering or recent resolutions to help you trouble shoot your Dell Product.

Roles options greyed out
After installing the ChangeBase and configuring the product it's not possible to create additional roles or move users to different roles. The buttons to do so are greyed out.
Product Tab not visible under Settings
For certain ChangeBase license types, the Product Tab is missing from the settings page
CSV report will show all items and not only selected ones
All the items under applications tab would appear on CSV report even if we only select 1 or 2 items. The filter does not work correctly.
Unhandled Exception Error on Web Crawler. Class not registered.
Encountered Unhandled Exception Error when trying to add new item on Auto Logon settings for Web Crawler. When we select 'Continue' on the dialog box, the Configure Settings window would open but would not show the items under "Available controls".Error details: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {98EDB477-3064-4D0E-A09E-CC73F9AAB324} failed due to the foll...
ChangeBASE Reports not showing full issue details for Web Apps.
Under certain circumstances, issue messages in reports generated for web imports can be truncated and the line number may not be displayed.
Get "It appears that you may not have permissions to access the registry" Converting with MSI Studio
When attempting to repackage an application using MSI Studio, the job will start, the virtual machine successfully reverts and files are copied to the virtual machine. At this point the following error may occur."It appears that you may not have permissions to access the registry"
Error applying license: incorrect site message
When applying  a new license on the ChangeBase server, it's getting rejected with the error: "You have either entered an incorrect Site Message, or you have attempted to use this license for an invalid ChangeBASE server".
Failed to start virtual machine communications. Error 3016
When trying to import a setup.exe, the VM machine resumes to the correct snap shot, nothing happens for a few minutes then the workbench reports the app as a failed import with a RED x.Log shows either:Failed to start virtual machine commications. Error message was Attempt run VMWare tools failed. Error code was 3016 (DCAPPreloader.GenerateMSIInner) 69760orFailed to start virtual machine commicati...
Imports fail with the message “Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric”
Non-English builds or regionalisations of Windows may cause imports to fail.The error is Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric
Problems running ChangeBASE 6.x after the ChangeBASE service account has been changed
Although not a supported or advertised feature, some users have installed ChangeBASE, installed the V6.0.5 patch, and subsequently changed the account which the ChangeBASE service runs under. Doing so can prevent ChangeBASE from running correctly due to permissions on key files.
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
6.2.x 11/6/2014
6.1.x 5/8/2014
6.0 11/6/2013 4/1/2015 10/1/2015
5.3.x 3/27/2013 10/1/2014 4/1/2015
5.2 12/12/2012 5/1/2014 11/1/2014
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

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