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Setting up Defender to work with VMWare View 5.1 access (98523)

Setting up Defender to work with VMWare View 5.1 access.

When prompted to input the Defender passcode, it is entered, but being prompted again.

It is like the Defender server isn't recognizing the digits when entered.

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 10/17/2012
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Last Updated On: 10/31/2012
Any domain user that tries to login receives "Invalid login password" (114134)

At Windows login you are asked for password and passcode.  The only way to login is to enter the Password, then Password again, then Token response.

Users who complete this incorrectly receive the message "Invalid login password".

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 9/18/2013
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Last Updated On: 4/16/2014
When using ActiveRoles Server (ARS) to deprovision an account, will it remove the Defender token? (94858)

When using ActiveRoles Server (ARS) to deprovision an account will it remove the Defender token assignments?  If not by default, can it be removed via script?

When an account is deleted does the assigned token go back into the "pool" of available tokens automatically?

Product(s): ActiveRoles Server
Created On: 7/14/2012
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Last Updated On: 1/6/2014
Defender SMS Not working (111080)

Service provider who accepts "RESTful" requests. 

- Their service can be tested using a web service testing application and everything works.

- When all the relevant information is entered into Defender it says it was successful but receive no SMS.
- May put bad POST data in and it...

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 8/14/2013
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Last Updated On: 8/15/2013
Can Defender be installed on a Domain Controller? (94572)

Can Defender be installed on a Domain Controller?

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 7/7/2012
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Last Updated On: 7/14/2012
When connecting over Remote Desktop, username & password don't get passed to remote system (118765)

When connecting over Remote Desktop (RDP), to a system that has Defender Desktop Login installed, the Active Directory (AD username and password do not get passed to remote system.  Users must enter their AD credentials again, as well as their token response.

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 1/9/2014
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Last Updated On: 3/3/2014
How to customize an email for requesting a token via the Defender Management Portal (119173)

Is there some way to customize the email for requesting a token via the Defender Management Portal?

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 1/22/2014
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Last Updated On: 2/5/2014
UPN account password change (104679)

Users are not able to change their password when logging into a machine with their UPN account.

The Access Node requires User ID of User Principal Name.  When this is changed to the default, SAM Account Name, password changes work.

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 3/16/2013
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Last Updated On: 3/25/2013
Management Portal error, "An error occured in the application" (94860)

When clicking on "Configuration" or "Token Requests" under Token Deployment System in the Management Portal receive the following error:

"An error occured in the application.

The error has been logged"

In the log file:

ERROR 2012-07-12 16:31:42,812 7109170ms [11] MvcApplication...

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 7/14/2012
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Last Updated On: 3/26/2014
After upgrading to iOS 7 the Defender iToken app displays an "Invalid token" error (111963)

If an existing Defender iToken user upgrades their iPhone to the iOS 7 operating system, the iToken application will no longer function correctly.  This issue relates to all currently released Defender iTokens, which includes version 1.0.6 (4221) and below.

Currently the iOS 7 operating system...

Product(s): Defender
Created On: 8/30/2013
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Last Updated On: 10/25/2013
Documents Type
Defender Client SDK Read Me
Defender 5.7 Hardware Token User Guide
Defender 5.7 Token Support for Yubikey
Quest iToken User Guide
Quest Soft Token for Android Administration Guide
Quest iToken Administration Guide
Quest Soft Token for BlackBerry User Guide
Quest Soft Token for Windows Desktop Administration Guide
Defender 5.7 Web Service API
Defender Management Portal Update Read Me
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
5.7 5/1/2012
5.6 11/24/2010
5.5 10/6/2009 11/1/2012 5/1/2013
5.3 11/20/2008 6/1/2011 6/1/2012
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

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