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Dell offers an extensive technical training curriculum for Network Administrators, Security Experts and Dell Partners who need to enhance their knowledge and maximize their investment in the Dell SonicWALL Products and Security Applications. Dell Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) deliver a variety of educational programs to meet the many learning methods that each individual prefers.

Dell's Technical Certification Programs give you confidence and improve your performance, and will immediately identify you as an expert in your field. Demonstrating your capabilities through certification will give you a key advantage whether you are a Dell Partner, a Network Administrator, or a Security Specialist.

For those responsible for designing, implementing, supporting or managing a security infrastructure with Dell SonicWALL products and services, certification is a necessity. Dell certification programs will give you the critical skills necessary to:

  • Extend Dell SonicWALL products and security application capabilities
  • Deliver higher levels of security technology expertise and service
  • Increase personal productivity and confidence that comes with extensive training
  • Extend your company and/or department's service capabilities
Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (CSSA)

This certification is intended to recognize the Networking Professional who takes and passes one of our certification exams. To prepare for these certification exams, Dell provides a wide range of training options. These options include traditional classroom based instructor led courses, a virtual instructor led course, or our eLearning courses.

Dell recognizes those certified individuals are specially trained and offers benefits to our certified community. CSSA benefits include:

  • Direct access to 2nd level Technical Support (based on regional availability)
  • Access to Dell's SonicWALL Online Forum (discussion group)
  • Support Bulletins and advanced notifications
  • Opportunities to participate in Dell SonicWALL beta programs
  • Certification newsletters
  • CSSA logo usage
CSSA Courses How to Become a CSSA

To achieve CSSA certification, you must verify technical competency for a specific discipline by taking and passing a Dell certification exam with a passing score.

Dell strongly recommends taking our Dell SonicWALL technical instructor-led classes in addition to our technical eLearning courses as a means of preparing for our CSSA certification exams. More information on our instructor-led and eLearning courses is available by selecting the “Courses” link at the top of this page.

Where to Purchase CSSA Certification Exams

CSSA certification exams are bundled in with all Dell SonicWALL technical instructor-led classes delivered by a Certified SonicWALL Trainer (CST). Access to the exam will be supplied by your instructor at the end of the course, through the use of an Activation Key. End-user online registration for these classes is available through our training schedule page. You can access this by selecting the Schedule link at the top of this page. Partners should register online through the corresponding training schedule page under PartnerLink to receive partner benefits and pricing.

Test-out CSSA certification exams are available for some courses, and may be purchased directly via mySonicWALL at http://www.mysonicwall.com/ > My Training > Certification Exams (in North America only).

Master Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (Master CSSA)

The Master CSSA is the culmination of knowledge derived from multiple Dell SonicWALL technical classes, technical eLearning courses, and real-world experiences across multiple Dell SonicWALL product disciplines.

How to Become a Master CSSA

The Master CSSA certification is available to those people that have three or more active CSSA level certifications obtained different CSSA Level examinations. To attain this level of certification, follow the instructions for becoming a CSSA and successfully pass 3 or more different CSSA certification exams, then email training@sonicwall.com requesting this designation.

Certified SonicWALL Security Professional (CSSP)

The CSSP certification is an advanced certification awarded to individuals that have a high level of mastery of Dell SonicWALL products, and who are able to deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot all associated product features. The certification is attained by completing one of the Advanced Administration courses and successfully passing the associated exam.

Due to the advanced nature of the material, advanced administration training is only available in instructor led courses.

CSSP Course(s) How to Become a CSSP

To achieve CSSP certification, you must attend an advanced administration training course and verify technical competency for a specific discipline by taking and passing a Dell SonicWALL CSSP certification exam.

Technical Certification Courses

Network Security Basic Administration (NSBA) Course: The Network Security Basic Administration (NS-102) (Formerly Network Security Essentials) course provides students the required background, knowledge and hand-on experience to begin designing, implementing and troubleshooting Dell™ SonicWALL™ Network Security Appliances running SonicOS firmware.

This course requires the prior completion of several e-Learning courses. This course is NOT a substitute for the prerequisite e-Learning courses. Prerequisite skills and knowledge are required – the first lab exercise is based on prerequisite knowledge and begins without formal instruction (see below for prerequisite details).

The NS-102 course culminates with the CSSA Certification exam for Network Security. While this exam is not a part of the class, you will have access to it on-line via your personal work MySonicWALL account. For more information about certifications, visit the Certification Programs page.

More Information

Network Security Advanced Administration (NSAA) Course: The Network Security Advanced Administration (NS-202) course builds on the skills learned in Dell’s Network Security Basic Administration (NS-102) course and teaches the student the latest information on Application Control, Bandwidth Management, troubleshooting, advanced networking and more. This course uses extensive labs to reinforce key concepts covered during the lecture portion of the class.

Prior completion of several e-Learning courses and the NS-102 courses (or equivalent) is required. This course is NOT a substitute for the prerequisite e-Learning courses. Prerequisite skills and knowledge are required – the first lab exercise is based on prerequisite knowledge and begins without formal instruction (see below for prerequisite details).

The NS-202 course culminates with the CSSP Certification exam for SonicOS. While this exam is not a part of the class, you will have access to it on-line via your personal work MySonicWALL Account. For more information about certifications, visit the Certification Programs page.

More Information

Secure Remote Access Basic Administration (SMABA) Course: This class is recommended for all administrators of SonicWALL® Aventail E-Class SSL VPN appliances who need to maintain and monitor a SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SSL VPN appliance. Upon completing the course, students are encouraged to take the Certified SonicWALL System Administrator (CSSA) exam.

The Secure Remote Access Basic Administration (SRABA) Training Course provides instruction on the administration and management of the E-Class SSL VPN appliance to provide secure, anywhere access to applications and resources for employees, business partners and other users. The course covers using the SonicWALL Aventail Management Console (AMC) to provide users with secure access to any application, from corporate laptops or un-managed computers, based on secure authentication and authorization policies and appropriate End Point Control requirements. Students will also learn how to deploy SonicWALL Aventail Secure Desktop for added security, as well as deploy graphical terminal shortcuts for native Web-based access to Windows Terminal Servers and Citrix server farms. For more information about certifications, visit the Certification Programs page.

More Information

Global Management Solution Basic Administration (GMSBA) Course: Dell's SonicWALL Global Management System solution provides a comprehensive architecture for centrally creating and managing security policies, providing real-time monitoring and alerts, and delivering intuitive compliance and usage reports, all from a single management interface. Whether your organization is a small or medium-sized business, a distributed enterprise, or a managed service provider, Dell offers software and appliance solutions to meet your needs. These lessons provide the fundamental instructions for those who are new to Dell SonicWALL products and services. As a self-paced training, these online courses are meant to help you understand the basic concepts that must be refined through hands-on experience with the Dell SonicWALL products. To make the most of your studies, you need to have as much background on, and experience with, both common operating systems and network environments. The best way to do this is to combine studying this course with hands-on work in our Dell SonicWALL Live Demo site.

More Information

Email Security Basic Administration (ESBA): This class instructs students on how to deploy, configure, and maintain Dell's SonicWALL Email Security solution:

  • Protect a company from email threats such as spam, phishing and viruses
  • Implement and enforce corporate email policies
  • Ensure email compliance requirements are met

Multiple email threat techniques are covered as well as the prevention mechanisms implemented by Dell's SonicWALL Email Security. Students also learn about the protocols involved in mail delivery (DNS, SMTP, POP and IMAP), as well as LDAP used by email security. Both basic theory and diagnostics tools are covered.

Periodically, the student will be provided with the opportunity to prove their mastery of previous subjects through a series of built-in quizzes.

More Information

eLearning Prerequisite Courses

Network Security Technology Overview: For students who are new to network security, Dell offers a free Network Security Overview web-based training course. This optional course provides the student with and introduction to the key concepts and fundamentals of Network Security. While this course is not mandatory, it is strongly suggested.

More Information

Network Security Essentials: The Network Security Essentials eLearning course is a prerequisite to the Network Security Basic Administration instructor-led Training. These prerequisite modules provide critical foundational information concerning firewall technology, security risks and remediation, as well as network security design and implementation considerations.

Additionally, you learn how to configure and implement Dell SonicWALL firewall appliances, and extend firewall capabilities using rules, security applications and other network specific functions, and troubleshooting techniques. You will practice key activities through online simulations.

More Information

Virtual Private Networking with SonicOS: The Virtual Private Networking with SonicOS course is a prerequisite to Network Security Basic Administration instructor-led Training. A critical follow-on to Network Security Essentials, Virtual Private Networking with SonicOS gives you a comprehensive education in core VPN technology, design and implementation considerations. You will also learn about Dell-specific configuration and deployment, as well as troubleshooting techniques.

More Information

Securing Dell SonicWALL Wireless Networks: Wireless networks are inherently insecure and Dell SonicWALL Wireless Solutions provides a truly secure solution. In the Securing SonicWALL Wireless Networks eLearning modules, you learn about key wireless technology fundamentals, including wireless foundations, WLAN communications, security risks and remediation, as well as wireless LAN design and architecture considerations. You also learn about Dell-specific wireless configurations and deployment scenarios, in addition to troubleshooting techniques. Key activities and exercises are available through online simulations.

More Information

Advanced Networking and Security with SonicOS: The Advanced Networking and Security with SonicOS course was designed by industry leading networking experts to utilize advanced features of Dell's SonicWALL products. Most modules consist of three parts:

  • A lecture portion that deals with the theory involved with a specific subject.
  • A demonstration on how to configure the feature using SonicOS.
  • An end-of-module quiz preparing you for taking the comprehensive end-of course quiz. This comprehensive quiz is intended to prepare you for the on-line Certification Exam for this course.

Periodically the student will be provided with the opportunity to prove their mastery of previous subjects through a series of built-in quizzes.

More Information

Certified SonicWALL Trainer (CST)

The Certified SonicWALL Trainer (CST) designation is restricted to those training partners that have gone through a rigorous training and certification program before they are entitled to deliver our technical training courses.

How to Become a CST

To achieve CST certification, a candidate must successfully complete the following process for each specific course discipline:

  1. Attend a class delivered by a CST.
  2. Pass the associated in-class certification exam.
  3. Study all course materials and hands-on exercises.
  4. Pass the associated full certification exam.
  5. Successfully co-teach at least 50% of the class with an instructor authorized by SonicWALL to evaluate CST candidates.
Official CST Designation

Official CST designation is achieved through a combination of feedback from the instructor that is co-teaching in addition to students attending the class. Official CST status can be determined only by the SonicWALL technical training department.

Certified SonicWALL Trainers (CSTs) are the only people authorized to present courseware designated by Dell SonicWALL Educational Services (training@sonicwall.com). Further, they must ensure that they only present courseware approved by Dell SonicWALL Educational Services.

At the end of each class, the CST must ensure all students:

  1. Submit Class Feedback form online via feedback.sonicwall.com.
  2. Provide the student access to the appropriate CSSA exam for their class.

CSTs should notify SonicWALL Educational Services at training@sonicwall.com if there were any concerns raised by students during the class delivery.

Lastly, CSTs must stay current by following any recertification procedure required to offer the latest courseware.

Master Certified SonicWALL Trainer

Like the Master CSSA certification, the Master CST program recognizes training professionals who are qualified to teach more than one subject, have taught these courses one or more times per quarter, and who have consistently obtained above average Customer Satisfaction scores.

CST Candidate Requirements

A CST candidate must meet both industry training experience and the background requirements for each specific course discipline they're attempting to certify for.

ATP Requirements

ATPs must coordinate their trainer's certification process directly with the Dell SonicWALL technical training department, and agree to:

  • Only an authorized CST for that discipline may deliver Dell SonicWALL technical instructor-led classes.
  • Provide their qualified CST the required training resources, student kits, and classroom environment to conduct each class.
  • Ensure their instructor maintains an average 80% or better feedback rating for each class through online student evaluations submitted at the end of each class.

SonicWALL Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) deliver a variety of educational programs to meet the many learning methods that each individual prefers.

North America

Global Knowledge
9000 Regency Parkway, Ste. 500
Cary, North Carolina 27518

Susan Fosburgh

UNITEK Education
4670 Automall Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538
T: 888-825-6273
F: 510-225-1332

Asia Pacific
ACA Pacific Technology (S) Pte Ltd.
MAILING ADDRESS 20 Upper Circular Road #03-01/05
The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
T: +65 65361728
F: +65 65361729

Ardos IT Solutions India (P) LTD
#505, 4th A Main, 6th Cross, OMBR Layout,
Bangalore 560043

B & Data Technology Co., Ltd.
19/F, Pena Tower
No. 128 Zhi Chun Road
HaiDian District, Beijing 100086
T: +86 10-8262 4828
F: +86 10-8262 4802

Convergence Networks Sdn Bhd.
MAILING ADDRESS D-36-06, 3 Two Square 2 Jalan 19/1
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Malaysia, 46300
T: +60379609926
F: +60379609927

Data World C&C Ltd
18/F., Manhattan Centre
8 Kwai Cheong Road
Kwai Chung
Hong Kong
T: +852.25657868
F: +852.25907849

MEC Networks Corporation
2303 Jollibee Plaza
Emerald Avenue Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Republic of the Philippines
Max Chayco - Business Unit Head
T: +63 (02) 638-9433 loc. 1612
F: +63 (02) 687-2348

Netpoleon Solutions Pte Ltd.
T: +65 6858 5645 loc. 1612

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
daVinch Higashi-Ikebukuro, 23-5
Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Japan, 170-0013
T: +81 3 5956 9603
F: +81 3 5956 9028

Originex Networks Sdn Bhd
No 26-2, Jalan Opera D,
Seksyen U2/D, TTDI Jaya,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
T: +603-7842 3828
F: +603-7842 5882

Originex (Singapore) Pte Ltd
No. 883 North Bridge Road, #15-03/04, The Southbank, Singapore 198785
T: +65 6298 2192
F: +65 6298 2193

WestconINDIA (P) Ltd,
# 33 & 34, Indiranagar 1st stage,
Off 100 feet road, Bangalore - 560 038. India.
T: +91-80-41265151
F: +91-8041265152
Europe, Middle East & Africa
ADN Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH
Josef-Haumann-Str. 10
44866 Bochum
T: +49 (0) 2327.9912 - 0
F: +49 (0) 2327.9912 - 540

Alias S.r.l.
Via Postumia, 21
33100 Udine (UD)
T: +39.0432.287777
F: +39.0432.508305

Arrow ECS Internet Security AG
Freistaedterstrasse 236
4040 Linz
T: +43(0) 1.732.757130.41
F: +43(0) 1.732.7571.44

Aryan Comunicaciones S.A
Avda. de la Industria no 4, Edificio 2
Natea Business Park
28108 Alcobendas, Madrid
T: +34 91 657 48 48
F: +34 902 386 902

T: +(021) 410-60-23

choin! GmbH
Weinheimer Strasse 68
68309 Mannheim
T: +49.621.728.485 - 1000

Core Education B.V.
T: +31 40 218 0821

T: +(045) 702-23545

D2B Informatique
29, rue du Progrès
93100 Montreuil
Nicolas sterckmans-Programe Manager
T: +33 1 48 57 10 40
F: +33 1 48 57 09 74

entrada Kommunikations GmbH
Heidturmweg 64-66
33100 Paderborn
T: 0049(0)5251/1456-0
F: 0049(0)5251/1456-535

T: +34 976 97 1354 mailto:ana.garcia@esprinet.com

Exertis VAD solutions
Innovation House
Bell ringer Road
Stoke on Trent, ST4 8GH
T: +44 (0) 1782 648200

Global Knowledge Benelux
Ratelaar 38
3434 EW Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
T: +31 30-6089311 (General Questions)
T: +31 30-6089444 (Course information, commercial questions)

T: +34 917 887 672

Infinigate AG
Keltenring 7
82041 Oberhaching/München
T: +49 (89) 89048.300
F: +49 (89) 89048.177

Infinigate Danmark A/S
Marielundvej 46A
2730 Herlev
T: +45 70 20 56 56
F: +45 70 20 57 57

Infinigate Norge AS
Martin Linges Vei 17
1367 Snar?ya
T: +
F: +

Infinigate Oesterreich AG
Simmeringer Hauptstrausse 24
1110 Wien
T: +43 1 890 2197 0
F: +43 1 890 2197 157

Infinigate Schweiz AG
Grundstrasse 14
6343 Rotkreuz
T: +41 41 799 6969
F: +41 41 799 6982

Infinigate Svergie AB
Axel Johanssons gata 4-6
75450 Uppsala
T: +46 18 655500
F: +46 18 655555

Ingram Micro/Albora Soluciones
Avenida del Maresme
62-64 08940 Cornella de Llobregat
T: +34.93.4749334
F: +34.93.4749365

T: +45 63 13 30 30
Simon Enna Wesche


Loophold Security Distribution
PO Box 3070
2118 Cresta
South Africa
T: +27 (0) 11 575-0004
F: +27 (0) 11-576-0004

RRC Hungary Kft.
1-3, Ezred utca
(Europa Center, Bdg. C2)
Zoltán TIHANYI - Training Business Unit Manager
T: +36 1 236 9000
F: +36 1 320 0390

RRC Poland
RRC Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Farbiarska 69 
02-862 Warszawa Polska 
Marcin Makowiecki - Training Business Unit Manager
T: +48 71 354 84 17
F: +48 71 354 84 11

Spectrum Training
RRC Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Farbiarska 69 
02-862 Warszawa Polska 
Office # F-48, Building # 2A
Knowledge Village
Dubai, U.A.E
T: +971 4 3622023
F: +971 4 3908520

Cobancesme mah. Bilge sk. No:17
Yenibosna 34196 ISTANBUL
Mustafa Akcin
Network Department \ Project Manager
T: +90 212 454 60 00/1005
F: +90 212 454 60 20

Westcon Security
19-21 avenue Dubonnet
Immeuble Véronèse
92400 Courbevoie
T: +33(0)
F: +33(0)
South & Central America
Alerta Security
Rua Boa Vista, 254 - cj. 1110
11o andar
S?o Paulo 01414-010
T: +55 (11) 3105-8655

T: +5959 8192 1684

Corporación de Soluciones Integrales CSI
T: +(507) 398-2396

DyNet ?, DNW administracion y contabilidad, SA de CV
Av. Alemania 1591
Col. Moderna
C.P. 44190 Guadalajara, Jalisco
Mexico, 44190
T: +52 33 3343 7363

Energy Telecom Comercio Servicos LTDA
Av. Santos Dumont 2626
Lojas 19/20
Aledeota, Flortaleza
Cera, Brazil
CEP 60150-161
T: +55 85 3533-5800
T: +55 85 3533-5813

T: +(51) 3079.1100


T: +55 11 3049-0237
Maycon C. Dantas: mdantas@network1.com.br

Network Secure
T: 503-2525-4300
Walter Navarrete: WnavalTete@networksecure.com.sv