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Heartbleed Bug with Open SSL (122982)

OpenSSL bug has been discovered (Heartbleed bug) which can compromise encrypted data by exploiting the way OpenSSL handles TLS heartbeats. (CVE-2014-0160).
Bug effects version 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f.

Product(s): Foglight
Created On: 4/9/2014
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Last Updated On: 4/16/2014
Under certain conditions the Optimizer | Summary report is taking a long time to load (116362)

In Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition (vOPS) 7.0 under certain conditions, selecting the Optimizer | Summary report can take a long time (more than four minutes) to generate.

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 11/15/2013
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Last Updated On: 2/12/2014
Using a smartbusiness view as the scope of a realtime alarm does not work (117084)

In Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition (vOPS) 7.0 using a smart business view as the scope of a real-time alarm configuration does not work.

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 12/6/2013
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Last Updated On: 12/6/2013
FVS appliance has high CPU usage after upgrading to 7.0 (119777)

After upgrading to Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition v7.0, the CPU utilization on the appliance grows and stays at 100% utilization. It could stay at 100% for hours before returning to normal. There are no reservations or limits on the appliance.

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 1/31/2014
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Last Updated On: 2/18/2014
ERROR; "Cannot locate the VM in the configured vCenter/ESX" (120017)

When trying to upgrade FVS  it fails with the following error message:
"Cannot locate the VM in the configured vCenter/ESX "

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 2/5/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/1/2014
Under certain conditions datastore Storage Clusters not showing up in inventory tree (116445)

In Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition (vOPS) 6.5.2 and 7.0 under certain conditions, datastore Storage Clusters are not showing up in inventory tree.

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 11/19/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 11/19/2013
How is the Optimizer guest risizing performed? (115597)

Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition (vOPS) resizes virtual machines by doing the following:

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 10/24/2013
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Last Updated On: 10/24/2013
Unable to select customer time period in "Change Analyzer" (121710)

When running reports in "Change Analyzer" using a custom time period, the appliance ignores what date range is picked.
It then takes a long time "Analyzing data" with no option to cancel, despite the fact, that it is analyzing a date range which is of no interest.

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 3/10/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/14/2014
vSphere 5.5 support (115012)

Does Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition support vSphere 5.5 ?

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 10/9/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 10/9/2013
Datastore performance report is showing same number for averages and peaks (115779)

Under certain circumstances, when looking at Performance Analyzer | Datastore Performance, the same exact values are shown for Average and Peaks.

Product(s): Foglight-for-Virtualization-Standard-Edition
Created On: 10/30/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 10/30/2013
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Foglight for Virtualization, Standard Edition 7.0 User Guide
Foglight for Virtualization, Standard Edition 7.0 Release Notes
Foglight for Virtualization, Standard Edition 7.0 Installation and Configuration Guide
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
7.0 10/7/2013
6.5 2/5/2013
6.0 8/24/2012
5.1.x 7/9/2012 7/9/2013 7/9/2014
5.0 5/22/2012 5/22/2013 5/22/2014
4.7.x 4/3/2012 4/3/2013 4/3/2014
4.5 12/19/2011 12/19/2012 12/19/2013
4.1 10/20/2011 10/20/2012 10/20/2013
4.0 8/29/2011 8/29/2012 8/29/2013
3.5 6/7/2011 6/7/2012 8/7/2013
3.0 3/15/2011 3/15/2012 3/15/2013
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

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