K1000 Systems Management Applianceトレーニングと認定資格

Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances Training
Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances are well known as the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive and affordable alternative to computer management software available today, saving you time and your organization money. Like any technology, expert knowledge and training early-on can help you to take full advantage of its benefits.
  • KACE K1000 Management Appliance JumpStart Program

    The JumpStart training program ensures that your team understands how to operate and maintain your Dell KACE Appliance properly for your environment. You and your team will get custom-tailored...

  • KACE Backyard Boot Kamp

    We want you to learn all the latest tricks and tips for using your Dell KACE Appliance. That’s why we’re bringing our popular training directly to you. Register today for multiple days of...

  • KACE Kontinuing Education

    KACE Kontinuing Education (KKE) is a series of FREE on-going educational sessions. These online sessions take place weekly and cover a variety of topics. Designed for interactivity, you are...

    期間: Up to 1 hr

  • KACE Training Newsletter: inKpad!

    Dell KACE Training regularly sends out our inKpad! training newsletter that highlights best practices, latest news updates, and tips & tricks for the Dell KACE family of appliances. Sign up today...

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