KACE K1000 Management Appliance JumpStart Program

  • Description

    The JumpStart training program ensures that your team understands how to operate and maintain your Dell KACE Appliance properly for your environment. You and your team will get custom-tailored, hands-on training to immediately get the maximum value from your investment with the least amount of time commitment from your team. Each session is delivered by Dell KACE, or a Dell KACE Certified Partner. Each JumpStart session includes multiple topics, for 2 hours, delivered remotely with you in the driver’s seat- enabling you to tackle advanced systems management activities quickly and easily.

    Each JumpStart track comes with the ability to choose from several eKcellence Packs, and JumpStart is available in three formats:     

    • Standard JumpStart is a great introductory overview and training for the most common features and functions of the KACE Appliances   
    • Enterprise JumpStart offers the core topics in Standard JumpStart, as well as additional core topics and more in-depth product knowledge across a broader set of Appliance features.    
    • Additional Training allows you to build upon what was learned in the initial JumpStart. This can be quite useful as a refresher course, expansion to topics that were not initially chosen, and getting new staff up to speed.
  • Topics

    KACE K1000 Management Appliance JumpStart Program

    The KACE K1000 Management Appliance JumpStart track and eKcellence packs are focused specifically on the systems management and end-point security capabilities of the K1000.

    There are two training tracks available for the K1000 Management appliance, Standard and Enterprise. The Standard track will cover the baseline of functionality in the K1000, while the Enterprise track covers more advanced features of the K1000. In addition, each JumpStart track comes with the ability to choose from several eKcellence packs.

    eKcellence Packs

    Standard and Enterprise training tracks both incorporate eKcellence Pack modules. eKcellence Pack modules provide in-depth training for specific areas of focus, allowing you to customize your training curriculum. Select the modules that best fit your needs with your sales team. Standard Jumpstart includes two modules, and Enterprise Jumpstart includes five modules. Modules chosen at the time of sale can be changed if necessary. Additionally, modules are available for purchase separately if you would like additional training at any time. (Training is sold in 2-hour increments; Note that some modules may require a prerequisite eKcellence pack.)

    Click here to view a complete detailed description of the KACE K1000 Management Appliance JumpStart Program.

    If you are looking for KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance JumpStart Program, click here.

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  • Special Notes

    Once your JumpStart program is completed, there are many options for continued free training, either on your own with our extensive library of documents, newsletters, knowledgebase articles, ITNinja user forums, and walkthrough videos. We also host informative and interactive live KACE Kontinuing Education sessions that every customer is encouraged to attend at no cost. For a fee, KACE Backyard Boot Kamp is also available designed for new users, or thsoe desiring a skill refresh.

    If you are in a new position at your organization and KACE has already been deployed, you can accelerate your learning by requesting the original JumpStart Program that was recorded when your organization first deployed the KACE Appliance(s).

    To receive your recordings within the past 12 months, click here to submit your request.

  • Duration

    2+ hrs
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