Failed Hyper-V Export (118417)

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    Failed Hyper-V Export
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    This article is a reference to point to resources in the event an export to Hyper-V fails in AppAssure 5.

    In AppAssure 5, you can export data from a recovery point to a virtual machine. Three VMs are supported: VMware, ESXi, and Hyper-V. When you export to a VM, the system exports all backup information specified in the recovery point, plus parameters defined for the protection schedule of the machine, and additional components to ensure the VM is bootable.

    You can choose to perform a one-time export. You can also specify continuous export, which backs up data on a regular basis to the VM you specify. Because this creates a VM copy of your production server to use as needed, this is also known as “virtual standby.”

    This article addresses errors when attempting to export to Hyper-V.

  • Resolution

    The KB article Cannot Export to a Virtual Machine addresses general steps to follow if virtual export fails. Since there are many possible causes, this article includes other information that may be useful based on various situations.

    For step-by-step directions to export a recovery point to Hyper-V, refer to:

    Resolving Specific Issues with Hyper-V Export

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Created on: 12/24/2013
Last Update on: 2/22/2014