Troubleshooting Agent Provisioning K1000 Client Deployment (124881)

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    Troubleshooting Agent Provisioning K1000 Client Deployment
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    The attached document includes the key areas to investigate when trying to troubleshoot agent provisioning in your network.

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    Click here for the document: Troubleshooting Agent Provisioning

    The document contains the following sections:

    • Windows
    • Assumptions
    • Check for provisioning support files
    • Check for connectivity to the K1000 appliance shares
    • Ping TARGET PC from the KACE K1000 Appliance
    • Test connectivity to ports 139 and 445 on TARGETPC from the K1000 Appliance
    • Testing Admin Share & Credentials on your target PC
    • Method 1 (works well if you cannot easily control the TARGETPC)
    • Method 2
    • Testing for installation
    • Deploying .Net Framework
    • New Installation versus Re-provisioning
    • Commentary
    • Removing previous installations Method 1
    • Removing previous installations Method 2
    • When to contact Support

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K1000 Systems Management Appliance
5.5.x, 5.4.76848, 5.4.76847, 5.4.70402


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Created on: 5/7/2014
Last Update on: 11/15/2014