What is the bandwidth of the AMP connection? (136876)

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    What is the bandwidth of the AMP connection?
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    Devices with the Agent Messaging Protocol or (AMP) installed on them will utilize a keep-alive connection to the K1000 appliance. Every 20 seconds each device with the AMP agent on it will send 5 bytes of data to the K1000 appliance. 

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    The following activities that can be scheduled to run or be initiated by the user that will create more network traffic however:
    -Managed Installs
    -File Synchronizations
    -Server Replication

    If any of these are manually run, or are run on a schedule, then the network load will depend upon the size of the patches or dependencies, and the number of devices that are targeted at once. These tasks can be scheduled to run during off-peak times or to only have critical operations occur during peak times.

    Server Replication can be leveraged to provide devices at remote sites with a local copy of patches and dependancies from the K1000 appliance in order to minimize bandwidth over a WAN link. For more information on Server Replication, please reference the
    K1000 Admnistrator Guide.

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