What directories and executables do I need to whitelist for the K1000 agent? (111785)

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    What directories and executables do I need to whitelist for the K1000 agent?
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    Sometimes your Anti-Virus software may scan our executables and tag them as threats.

    This article explains what executables, directories, and registry need to be whitelisted in order for our agent to work properly for patching.
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    The following items are used for patching in the K1000 and should be whitelisted from your Antivirus or Anti-Spam programs on the client machine:
    Directories that are used in patching:
    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Dell\Kace
    Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Dell\Kace
    C:\Program Files\Dell\Kace - This is where all kace exe resides in
    C:\Windows\Temp  - This is where downloaded microsoft, adobe patches are executed.
    Executable Files in the following directories:
    C:\Program Files\Dell\Kace 
    • kpatch.exe
    • mcescan.exe 
    • cabarc.exe - (This is used to extract Windows cabinet (CAB) files)
    • mcescan.cab - (This is used by mcescan.exe)
    • LM.Detection.exe - (This is NEW for V5.4 Sp1 agents)
    • LM.Detection.XML  - (This configuration file is used for the LM.detection.exe process.)
    • WindowsUpdateagent.exe
    • ftp.exe
    C:\Windows\system32l\cscript.exe - (Deployment scripts are written in VBScript and used during the deployment of patches)

    • Registry used in patching detection:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Patchlink.com\Discovery Agent\NativeScan 
    Note: Make sure all the agents on the client machines are upgraded to 5.4 Sp1 and above before doing patching.

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