How to restore LiteSpeed backup files to servers with only native SQL Server? (22045)

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    How to restore LiteSpeed backup files to servers with only native SQL Server?
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    How to restore LiteSpeed backup files to servers with only native SQL Server? How to restore a LiteSpeed backup file to a server without the LiteSpeed application?

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    1. Create the original backup file using the LiteSpeed On the Destination (Disk) window of the Backup Wizard is a check box labeled: "Create double-click restore (extension will be changed to .exe)". Select this checkbox during a normal backup to get a double-click Restore.
    This feature is only available for disk destinations. MS Windows Operating System limit: no executable can be over 4 gigabytes, even on 64-bit MS Windows. Note: Since striping of backups is allowed with double-click Restore, it is possible to create double-click Restore sets for database backups greater than 4 gigabytes; it is the user's responsibility to estimate how many stripes are needed for this.

    2. The extraction utility (extractor.exe) is run from the Windows NT command line. This utility is run on the server where the LiteSpeed 2005 backup devices are located.
    The devices created by the extractor utility can be restored on any SQL Server using the native RESTORE DATABASE or RESTORE LOG commands.

    To run the extraction utility:
    Display a command prompt for your operating system.

    (If the LiteSpeed 2005 installation directory is not placed in the environment PATH) Change the directory until you are in the directory containing extractor.exe. On a default installation this is: %PROGRAM_FILES%\IMCEDA\LiteSpeed\SQL Server

    Extract the LiteSpeed 2005 backup Northwind.bak to native SQL Server backup NorthwindNative.bak:
    extractor.exe -Fc:\temp\Northwind.bak -Ec:\temp\NorthwindNative.bak -N1
    This generates native SQL Server backup files. You can restore from them using native SQL Server RESTORE commands.
    Parameter Syntax:

    [-F sqllitespeed_backup_file]
    [-E base_file_name]
    [-N file_number]
    [-K encryption_key]
    [-L 0|1|2 ]
    Note: Parameters are case sensitive and can be preceded with "-" or "/"
    For more information on the parameters, refer to LiteSpeed 2005 Extractor Utility Parameters Table in the Help File.
    The process will return: 0 (success) or 1 (failure)

    The LiteSpeed backup process may have been run with multiple threads, this results in a series of files when extracted. These files are restored with the native commands as a striped backup.
    Example (LiteSpeed backed up using 3 threads):
    FROM DISK = 'C:\mssql\striping\Nwind0.bak',
    DISK = 'C:\mssql\striping\Nwind1.bak',
    DISK = 'C:\mssql\striping\Nwind2.bak'

    For additional information, please see the LiteSpeed Help File.

  • Additional Information

    All versions of SQL Server
    All versions of LiteSpeed

    This is applicable also for backups taken using LiteSpeed Engine for SQL Server. Extractor will be added to the LiteSpeed Engine for SQL Server installer in future releases.

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