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    Display Pick List (Toad Insight) is not working. It does not display after typing a period (.)
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    Display Pick List (Toad Insight) is not working. The pick list is not displayed when typing the object name followed by a period . The table and view is owned by schema / user, and also have full access to other schemas tables and views.

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    Verify Code Assist options:

    1. Select View Menu | Toad Options | Editor | Code Assist |
    2. Verify that it is enabled. Check the option to "Display pick list after typing object name followed by a period" (pre-10x version) or "Enable Code Insight pick list" (10.x and above).
    3. Verify that the objects you wish to display in the list are enabled.  Check off the objects to display, in the "Toad Insight Objects" section.

      *Note: If the schema name is typed in before the "." and an object list is expected  after the schema name, make sure to check-mark "Users" inside the "Toad Insight Objects" section.

      i.e.      SELECT * FROM Scott.
    4. Click on Apply, OK, and then restart Toad.

    To bring up code assist list manually, type in Ctrl + T or Ctrl + .

Toad for Oracle
9.7.2, 9.6.1, 8.6.1,,, 12.1, 11.6.1, 10.6.1

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Created on: 1/15/2004
Last Update on: 10/9/2013

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