Mobile Connect: Windows 8.1 Mobile connect Plugin and its feature highlights (SW10644)

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    Mobile Connect: Windows 8.1 Mobile connect Plugin and its feature highlights
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    Article Applies To:

    Gen6: NSA E10800, NSA E10400, NSA E10200, NSA E10100
    Gen5: NSA E8510, E8500, NSA E7500, NSA E6500, NSA E5500, NSA 5000, NSA 4500, NSA 3500, NSA 2400, NSA 2400 MX, NSA 240, NSA 220, NSA 220 /W. NSA 250M, NSA 250M /W.
    Gen5 TZ Series: TZ 100, TZ 100 Wireless, TZ 200, TZ 200 W, TZ 210, TZ 210 W, TZ 215, TZ 215 W, TZ 105, TZ 105 W. TZ 205, TZ 205 W.
    E-Class Secure Remote Access (EX SSL-VPN): SRA 6000, SRA 7000, SRA 9000, SRA EX Virtual Appliance
    SonicWALL SMB SSL-VPN Appliances and Software: SRA 4200, SSRA 4600, SRA1200, SRA 1600 


    SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Windows 8.1 is a VPN plug-in that is distributed by Microsoft as part of Windows 8.1 The SonicWALL Mobile Connect VPN plug-in enables secure, mobile connections to private networks protected by Dell SonicWALL security appliances for devices running Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT

    Feature Highlights and Functionality Details:

    1. The Mobile Connect plugin cannot be uninstalled/reinstalled.  The plugin is distributed by Microsoft as part of Windows 8.1 (locates in C:\Windows\vpnplugins).  Updates are delivered through Windows Update.
    2. By Default, Mobile Connect plugin uses HTTPS 443 Port. For custom port based SSLVPN Connections, we need to use the Advanced XML based customizations.
    3. End Point Control check (Basic and Advanced) is currently not supported with Windows 8.1 Mobile Connect. We are working on this with our upcoming releases.
    4. MDM solutions that support Windows 8.1, .e.g, Microsoft Intune can also manage VPN connections on Windows 8.1 devices
    5. Debug Logging not enabled by default. Using Advanced xml settings, it can be enabled. Debug Log path:


    6. Other Advanced Customization options include Custom SSLVPN Port, Packet Capture, Windows Native Authentication, Parse Domain Field, Windows Single Sign-On, ESP Support (EX Series Only), etc

    For further details on this Windows 8.1 Inbuild Plugin, please refer the User Guide document or Contact Dell Sonicwall Support.


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SonicWALL SuperMassive 9000 Series

SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Series
10800, 10400, 10200
SonicWALL NSA Series
4500, 3500, 250M, 2400, 240, 220
SonicWALL E-Class NSA Series
E8510, E8500, E7500, E6500, E5500
SonicWALL TZ Series
215W, 215, 210W, 210, 205W, 205, 200W, 105
SonicWALL SRA Series
4600, 4200, 1600, 1200
SonicWALL E-Class SRA Series
EX9000, EX7000, EX6000

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Created on: 10/24/2013
Last Update on: 5/13/2014

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