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Product Support - Migrator for GroupWise

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Groupwise User Migration hangs with Initializing migration for user .... (46127)

When migrating a user with Groupwise Migrator, the process will start, but then just hang for hours at "Initializing migration for user..."

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 9/2/2008
(1 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 1/15/2014
Can the forwarding rule set by GroupWise Migrator have its behaviour customized? (93076)

Can the forwarding rule set by GroupWise MIgrator have its behaviour customized?

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 5/31/2012
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/31/2014
GroupWise document references not being migrated for users without access in GroupWise (122360)

GroupWise document references are not being migrated for users that do not have explicit rights to the referenced document in the GroupWise document library.

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 3/26/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/26/2014
Error migrating to O365, The request for the Windows Remote Shell with ShellId failed… (119984)

During the migration, PowerShell sessions are opened with Office 365 for backend processes. If these PowerShell sessions are closed without NME's knowledge, then the following error may be seen: 19:01:36 AdFwd::Init() - PowerShell Result: Processing data from remote server

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 2/4/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/10/2014
MFG fails with "Unable to update GroupWise forwarding.. Attempt to access controlled feature denied" (122877)

- When setting GroupWise forwarding, Migrator for GroupWise (MFG) log shows the following error: 17:20:56 GroupWise forwarding set for 'username'.
17:20:56 ERROR: [364-6-16-00000000] Unable to update GroupWise forwarding for user 'username.PO.DOMAIN'
17:20:56  Dialog dismissed

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 4/7/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/7/2014
Windows Management Framework and architecture of Server 2008, 2012, Win7 and Win8 Requirements (111857)

This is for  GME 4.3.X and higher only. What is the Windows Management Framework (WMF) requirement if GME Console is Windows Server 2003  32-bit (only)  SP2, Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit (only) SP2? AND What is the Windows Server 2008 or 2012  architecture requirement? AND What is the Windows 7...

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 8/28/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/18/2014
GroupWise Resource, with a space in the name, is migrated, Exchange Meeting Organizer cannot update. (121487)

When a GroupWise resource, with a "space" in the name of the object is migrated to Exchange, the Exchange "Meeting Organizer" is unable to update the meeting.

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 3/5/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/5/2014
Outlook Web Access (OWA) is displaying two instances of each of the documents migrated (122402)

Source GroupWise user has the following folder structure: - Test of documents    - 2014    - 2013 2013 and 2014 subfolders have a document called test.docx. The name of the documents is same but the data in each document is different. Migration is completed  and when you go to migrated folder...

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 3/27/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/14/2014
The message being sent exceeds the message size established for this user. (89159)

The message being sent exceeds the message size established for this user.

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 2/28/2012
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/1/2014
"ERROR: [4965-24-45-8004011D] Unable to open target mail store." (77546)

You have seen the below error in the log file during mail migration: 16:34:45 ERROR: [4965-24-45-8004011D] Unable to open target mail store
16:34:45 OpenMsgStore:
16:34:45 MAPI error 8004011D
16:34:45 Error: The attempt to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed.
16:34:45 Component...

Product(s): Migrator-for-GroupWise
Created On: 8/4/2011
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/26/2014
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
4.5 2/20/2014
4.3 8/19/2013 6/15/2014 12/15/2014
4.2.x 12/18/2012 12/15/2013 3/15/2014
4.1.x 7/18/2012 10/15/2013 1/15/2014
4.0 1/9/2012 6/14/2013 9/14/2013
3.7.x 7/8/2010 8/14/2012 11/14/2012
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

The Product Support Lifecycle table above describes the phase during which Dell Software products are eligible for product support and new release downloads.