Setting Internet Explorer Security Settings for Use with K1000 Machine Actions (111251)

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    Setting Internet Explorer Security Settings for Use with K1000 Machine Actions
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    The K1000 Machine Actions feature uses ActiveX controls to launch a session on the browser host using the command you specified in the Machine Actions Setting. You configure Internet Explorer security settings to allow ActiveX controls from the K1000 interface in order for machine actions to be launched successfully.

    If you get the follow error message when you select a machine action, either the Internet Explorer settings are incorrect or the program the machine action is trying to launch does not exist at the specified path:

    Unable to run Machine Action. Please check your Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Settings. 
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    In order to resolve this error, verify the security settings for the Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer by clicking on Tools, then Internet Options on the machine used to browse the K1000 Appliance.

    Configuring the Security Settings in Internet Explorer

    1. Open Internet Explorer and click Tools > Internet Options > Security.
    2. Click Trusted Sites > Sites and add K1000 to the zone, you must uncheck box for Require server verification for all sites in this zone.
    3. Click Close.
    4. Click Custom level and set to Medium.
    5. Click Security and the click Custom Level.  Scroll down to ActiveX Controls and Plugins and change the settings to the following:
      • Allow previously unused ActiveX controls > Enable

      • Allow scriptlets > Enable

      • Automatic Prompting for ActiveX controls > Enable

      • Download unisgned ActiveX controls > Enable

      • Initialize & script ActiveX controls not marked safe for scripting > Enable

      • Run ActiveX controls and plugins > Enable

    6. Click OK to close Security Settings Window.
    7. Click OK to close Internet Options Window.

    Configuring the MACHINE ACTION

    The ActiveX control uses the command line option of the Machine Action to launch a program on the Browser host. You must either specify the full path to the executable (C:\Program Files\Directory\filename.exe) or ensure that the item is within the Path Environment variable on the local host.

    To verify the Machine Action Settings:

    1. In the K1000 Administrative Console, click Settings > Control Panel > General Settings.
    2. Scroll down to Machine Actions and click Edit Mode.
    3. In Command line verify the path to the executable on the local host. For example UltraVNC viewer is "%ProgramFiles%\\ultravnc\\vncviewer.exe" KACE_HOST_NAME where KACE_HOST_NAME is a variable that is automatically inserted from the Inventory when the Machine Action runs. To Test copy the command line and run on the command line of your local system, substitute the variable with an actual host name.
    4. Click Save Actions.

    Note: Environment variables such as Program Files may not work on all systems. For example UltraVNC viewer on Windows 7 64-bit is installed in the Program Files (x86) directory therefore %ProgramFiles% in the command line will not locate the executable.

    Example:  "C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" KACE_HOST_NAME

    NOTE:  This article was tested with Internet Explorer 11 using the PING Machine action.
                 On some non english OS the variables may fail, so the command should be in the path environment.

    See  to set up Machine Actions on Chrome via IE Tab extension.


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