KACE Native Imaging Toolkit for K2000 v.3.4 ONLY (111368)

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    KACE Native Imaging Toolkit for K2000 v.3.4 ONLY
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    KACE Native Imaging Toolkit for K2000 v. 3.4 ONLY

    Legacy deployment tools have their own proprietary image formats. Legacy tools usually require the installation of OS vendor servers from Microsoft or Apple to take advantage of the standard images which have obsoleted legacy proprietary formats.  The Limited Release of the KACE Native Imaging Toolkit allows unfettered use of WIM and DMG images directly from the K2000 itself.  This gives our customers the ability to pick the right tool for the job while retaining the K2000's easy-to-use centralized capture and decentralized deployment architecture. Customers who have time-sensitive deployments may wish to try the KACE Native Imaging Toolkit.  Native images can be faster to deploy in some circumstances.

    Full documentation is included within the download.

    To watch a video series of how to implement the toolkit on your K2000, visit this ITNinja post

    Download here

    -All prior imports of the template files should be deleted, including the mock images and the postinstall tasks before importing these tasks.
    -Modified apply_wim.vbs file so that it looked at the usb drive to see if an ImageStore directory existed there.
    -To make your native image deploy from usb key, make the key as instructed from the k2. The create a directory name ImageStore on the root of the usb key.
    copy your .wim file to this directory.
    -Modified temp_file_removal.zip task so that it would work when run from usb without 2 partitions. (Thank you Dan Conteras)
    -Modified auto_bcd.zip so that the tasks would ignore usb drive (or more specifically \sources\boot.wim) 

    Updated all the .wim images. To update, you can just delete your old images and import these new ones.

    Differences include:
    -Automatic temp file removal task, instead of having to state which drive Windows was located.
    -Automatic MBR configuration task instead of having to manually entering the drive letters where BCD and Windows were located.
    -Two new images, preinstall tasks and midlevel tasks that help with configuration of deploying 2 partitions (the 100Mb System Reserved). This assumes that the 100Mb partition is on C, if not, then the preinstall task will need to be changed.
    -Documentation now contains a section covering the 2 partition deployment.

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