Can I access the K1000 Appliance database using a third-party reporting tool? (114992)

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    Can I access the K1000 Appliance database using a third-party reporting tool?
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    The K1000 appliance database can be accessed from any ODBC-compliant third-party tool if you have installed the (32bit) MySQL ODBC driver.

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    The (32bit) MySQL ODBC driver can be found using this link:

    Version 3.51:
    Version 5.1 (use this for Microsoft Access):

    *NOTE* when using the "" option for the K1000, the below versions of the (32bit) MySQL ODBC driver have also been reported as successful in conjunction with SQL Workbench:

    Version 5.1.13:
    Version 5.2.7:

    Download the Windows version as needed. (Versions for Linux are also available; however these instructions are for the Windows OS)

    After installing the driver, you must configure an ODBC connection to the K1000 appliance using these steps:

       1. Open Control Panel
       2. Open Administrative tools
       3. Open Data Sources (OBDC)
       4. click Add
       5. Pick the MySQL 3.51 driver (second to last in most cases)
       6. Configure the connection using these details:
              o NAME: K1000
              o Server: K1000 (or your DNS name/IP)
              o Username: R1 
                 (If you have organizations enabled, the report name and database will be different for connecting to each organization in kind. To verify the report username for each organization go to System > Organizations > [Organization Name])
              o Default Password: box747
                 (The database(reporting) password can be changed in System UI Settings > General Settings >  Reporting Password)
              o Database/ Schema/ Catalog: ORG1 (or ORG2...ORG#)
       7. This will then add the data source using the name of K1000

    You will need to turn on database access in the security settings: System > Settings > Security Settings

    Connection information for K2000 appliance can be found here.

    Please note that any network settings change will require a K1000/K2000 reboot! Lastly, if your queries in 3.3 made reference to database objects using the database name in front then you will need.

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