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How to apply the license file to Recovery Manager for Active Directory after the product is alrea (16919)

The existing license may have expired or a larger license has been purchased and needs to be applied.

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 1/13/2000
(1 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/21/2014
"Unable to start reports viewer application" error. (72434)

When trying to view a comparison report in RMAD, get the following error:

Unable to start reports viewer application.
Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'.

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 4/6/2011
(2 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 10/24/2012
During a domain or forest restore are the Connection Security Rules modified? (122565)

Does Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition backup, disable or modify Windows 2008 Connection Security Rules during a domain or forest recovery?

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD-Forest-Edition
Created On: 4/1/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/1/2014
Does Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition use OpenSSL and is it vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug? (123456)

Is OpenSSL used in Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition and if so is it vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug?

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD-Forest-Edition
Created On: 4/18/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/18/2014
How to enable extended logging in Recovery Manager for AD 8.5.1 or 8.5.2 (119172)

It is possible to enable the extended logging through the Recovery Manager for AD console.

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 1/22/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/17/2014
Cannot revoke the license from the demoted domain. (98613)

When trying to revoke the license from the domain that already doesn't exist and the backups were stored locally on the DCs the following error can occur: "Cannot remove the license token from the configuration database. Failed to delete the backup "the_backup_path" . The network path was not...

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 10/20/2012
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/1/2014
Error: "Active Directory Schema is corrupted " when running Online Restore Wizard (119130)

When running the online restore wizard then selecting manual backup created as a source, Recovery manager unpacks the backup file to access the extracted files you may get an error below:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Failed to connect to...

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 1/21/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/25/2014
Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition Backup Agent Patch (122507)

This Patch may receive additional testing. If you are not severely affected by the issue that this Patch addresses, it is recommended that you install next full release of Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition as it will also include this Patch. For complete product information...

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD-Forest-Edition
Created On: 3/31/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/22/2014
Performing a Silent Installation of Recovery Manager for AD (74630)

How to perform a Silent Installation of Recovery Manager for AD?

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 6/2/2011
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/12/2014
How to upgrade RMAD or RMADFE from version 8.0 to 8.5.2 (116729)

This article outlines how to upgrade Recovery Manager for AD (RMAD or RMADFE) from 8.0 to 8.5.2<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-AD
Created On: 11/26/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/3/2014
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
8.6 4/15/2014
8.5.2 2/4/2014
8.5.1 11/20/2013
8.2.x 4/9/2012
8.1 12/17/2011
8.0.x 12/13/2010 4/9/2012 4/9/2013
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

The Product Support Lifecycle table above describes the phase during which Dell Software products are eligible for product support and new release downloads.