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When creating a Automated Task the Mailboxes will duplicate in the Task (120333)

When  creating an automated task for multiple mailboxes and each time that you save the task, it is duplicating or triplicating the mailboxes.

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-Exchange
Created On: 2/12/2014
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Last Updated On: 2/12/2014
How to set the SSPI context information for Recovery Manager for Exchange (63925)

You receive the following error when trying to start Recovery Manager for Exchange(RME) as any other user other than the account used for setup."An error occurred while initializing the storages database. Details: An error occurred while connecting to the storages database using the connection...

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-Exchange
Created On: 6/9/2010
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Last Updated On: 6/9/2010
Restoring from offline Domino Database (nsf files) to pst, most messages fail to migrate with errors (111598)

When restoring from an offline Domino Database (nsf files) to pst, most messages fail to migrate with the following errors. "An error occurred while processing the message with subject "Nurse call additional work" from "L:\data\archive\mail\a_mmackinn.nsf\($Inbox)". Details: Object reference not...

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-Exchange
Created On: 8/22/2013
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Last Updated On: 8/22/2013
Error "Exception Occurred" when adding offline 2013 Database (EDB) as storage. (120581)

When adding an offline Exchange 2013 database including logs you get the error "Exception Occurred"

Product(s): Recovery-Manager-for-Exchange
Created On: 2/19/2014
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Last Updated On: 3/25/2014
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
5.6 4/15/2014
5.5.x 2/14/2013
5.1.x 3/16/2012 6/15/2014 1/16/2015
5.0.x 7/25/2011 7/25/2013 12/31/2013
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

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