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Product Support - Spotlight on Oracle

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.Net framework error (123041)

Tried to install Spotlight for Oracle 10.1, got the error saying this application requeires a full version of .NET framework. 4.0 or later. Error message: This application requires a full version of .Net Framework 4.0 or later. Please install .NET Framework then run this installer again.

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 4/10/2014
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Last Updated On: 4/10/2014
Spotlight on unix SSH connection fails (123210)

After upgrading from 9.5 or 9.6 to 10.1,the unix connection with SSH is not allowing a new connection to succeed.

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 4/15/2014
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Last Updated On: 4/15/2014
This authorization key is no longer accepted. (90362)

After entering the authorization key into Spotlight on Oracle 8.0.1 or later, the following message appears: This authorization key is no longer accepted. Click here to upgrade your key.

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 3/24/2012
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Last Updated On: 4/3/2014
Spotlight on Oracle hangs with Monitor OS option using ssh (22364)

Unable to connect in Spotlight on Oracle (SoO) when "Monitor OS" option is checked using ssh protocol. SoO just hangs at this point. If the "Monitor OS" option is unchecked, SoO can connect to the database.

If you delete and re-create the connection profile, the "do you want to fast...

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 1/13/2000
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Last Updated On: 4/2/2014
How to configure mobile alerts in Spotlight? (123147)

How to configure mobile alerts in Spotlight?

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 4/13/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/22/2014
Support for Unlicensed (Preview Mode) Version of Spotlight on Oracle (52601)

Spotlight is supplied with a time-limited trial key so you may test the product. When the trial key expires Spotlight reverts to a preview mode, which limits access to the Spotlight home page and one connection at a time. If you select to open a drilldown in preview mode the following message is...

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 3/25/2009
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Last Updated On: 4/3/2014
SGA Storage summary chart is disabled with a reference to Oracle bug #3539401 (122817)

SGA storage summary chart is blocked with a reference to Oracle bug #3539401. Error received : SGA storage summary chart is blocked with a reference to Oracle bug #3539401.

Product(s): Spotlight-on-Oracle
Created On: 4/7/2014
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Last Updated On: 4/7/2014
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
10.1 3/27/2014
9.6 9/10/2013
9.5 6/13/2013
9.0.x 10/2/2012
8.1 4/19/2012 1/1/2014 6/1/2014
8.0.x 9/21/2011 1/1/2014 6/1/2014
7.6 11/9/2010 10/1/2012 4/1/2013
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

The Product Support Lifecycle table above describes the phase during which Dell Software products are eligible for product support and new release downloads.