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When I send SQL from Toad to Sql Optimizer I get a blank screen. (58219)

When I send SQL from Toad to Sql Optimizer I get a blank screen. See attachment BLANK.jpg.  Also, when opening SQL Optimizer, it opens a new sessions, but there is no "Optimize SQL" window with SQL Details.

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 10/21/2009
(3 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 3/18/2014
"Cannot find oci.dll: in " error when trying to connect. (69276)

When connecting in Optimizer, I get the error "Cannot find oci.dll: in CLI10GR2USER". This is an issue for anything I try to connect to. There are no problems connecting, using this client or to any database in other applications, including Toad. The errors below are received in this order, but...

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 1/20/2011
(2 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 11/14/2013
SQL Tuning not launching, getting error: "Error: Unable to open SQL Tuning, please verify...." (32454)

Error occurs  when you go to the History Tab in Performance Analysis -- user then selects SQL Statements.  User then performs a right click on a SQL statement and selects Tune SQL.

The following error message will appear: "Unable to open SQL Tuning, Please verify that it is correctly installed...

Product(s): Performance-Analysis-for-Oracle
Created On: 6/16/2007
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/18/2014
Will not optimize query with xml (115294)

Query executes correctly and explain plan display correctly in both Toad and SQLPlus but receive syntax error when SQL Optimizer attempts to run explain plan or execute the SQL. "The Parser did not identify the text as a valid SQL statement." "ORA-19224: XPTY0004 - XQuery static type mismatch...

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 10/16/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/5/2014
Is CodeSite utility part of SQL Optimizer for Oracle? (120111)

User has found a utility program called CodeSite inside the SQL Optimizer for Oracle directory. Is this program a part of SQL Optimizer? If so, is this an open source or license required? Would it effect to SQL Optimizer if CodeSite program is uninstalled?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn...

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 2/7/2014
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/7/2014
How to silently deploy additional products license key after Toad for Oracle is already installed? (109795)

How to perform a silent deploy of additional products license key to all users after Toad for Oracle is already installed and already activated?

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 7/11/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 12/28/2013
Error 1603 (Internal error 2738) when installing SQL Optimizer as part of Toad bundle. (66625)

Getting error 1603 when installing SQL Optimizer as part of Toad bundle. The following error is displayed in the msi log: "Error 2738: Could not access VBScript runtime for custom action
MSI (s) (AC:84) [14:37:52:749]: Product: Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle -- Internal Error 2738"

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 9/30/2010
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 2/19/2014
Error Optimizing a valid query: "The Parser did not identify the text as a valid SQL statement." (106908)

Below error occurs in Optimizer when optimizing a valid Select statement query:
"The Parser did not identify the text as a valid SQL statement." Query runs fine in Toad and SQLPlus.

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 5/15/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 1/15/2014
Support of Virtual Private Database security authentication. (43256)

User uses Virtual Private Database (VPD) security and SQL Optimizer 7.2 does not allow user to set the proper environment before running and, therefore, program errors out. Is there a plan for integrating VPD/environment configuration functions into this tool?

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 5/30/2008
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 4/8/2014
SQL Optimizer not displaying TNS entries in the Connection Manager window. (116706)

When launching SQL Optimizer from Toad or by itself, the Connection Manager window does not display any of the TNS entries in the drop-down menu.

Product(s): SQL-Optimizer-for-Oracle
Created On: 11/26/2013
(0 Ratings)
Last Updated On: 12/31/2013
Version Full Support as of Limited Support as of Support Discontinued
8.7.x 9/25/2012
8.8.x 6/5/2013
8.6 4/12/2012 1/1/2014 6/1/2014
8.5 9/20/2011 4/1/2013 10/1/2013
8.0 9/16/2010 10/1/2012 4/1/2013
Earlier product versions not listed are considered discontinued.

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